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Student of the Month

Each month several students at CHS will be selected to be "students of the month." These students demonstrate success in the classroom, possess a positive work ethic, have a growth mindset, and follow the cougar ethos. 
2017-2018 Students of the Month
February 2018 Students of the Month
February Student of the month image
January 2018 Students of the Month
January 2018 Students of the month
Jovanni Villa, Leslie Castrejon, Jorge Zazueta, Courtney Crawford, Daisy Estrada Garza, Madison Palmer, Angel Soto, Antonio Larios, Rozlyn Hilton
December 2017 Students of the Month
December Students of the Month
 Gavin Finnell, Myah Vance, Justice Williams, Lydia Beardsley, Ingrid Garcia, Katie Webster, Leticia “Letty” Alatorre
Giselle Pedraza
 November 2017 Students of the Month
 November students of the month
English Language Arts -  Dakota Walls 
Math - Yamieth Escobedo & Ivan Escobedo
Health-Fitness - Katrina Vallejo  
Science - Alejandro (Alex) Hernandez
Social Studies - Ilijah Velasquez
Visual and Performing Arts - Leah Torres 
Special Education - Lizbet Lopez
 October 2017 Students of the Month
October students of the month
English Language Arts-  Erin Dehority
World Languages - Tyler Gaona
Career and Technical Education - Emily A Hernandez
Math - Ruby Vansell
Health-Fitness -  Bryson Gowers
Science -  Jade Martinez
Social Studies - Alexis Maxwell
Visual and Performing Arts - Maryann Bichlmeier
September 2017 Students of the Month
September students of the month  
English Language Arts -   Pedro Santana Parra
World Languages - Eliseo Ovalle (not pictured)
Career and Technical Education  - Nate Farris
Math - Jorge Pena
Health and Fitness - Cristina Benites
Science - Angel Godinez
Social Studies - Hannah Jacobson
Visual and Performing Arts-  Avery Hawkins
Special Education – John Bynum

2016-2017 Students of the Month
April students of the Month
English Language Arts and World Languages - Danny Cuevas
Professional Technical Education   - Cody Miyake
Math - Danny Aguirre
Health-Fitness - Charlene Zabel
Science - Anairis Estrada
Social Studies - Allyson Cameron
Special Education - Joseline Calderon
March Students of the Month
English Language Arts and World Languages - Samuel Danes
Career Technical Education - Stephanie Wingle
Math - Andre Lopez
Health-Fitness - Fadela Hoashi
Science - Brytney Young
Social Studies - Guadalupe Garcia
Visual and Performing Arts - Daniel Sanchez
Special Education - Bethany Andrews
February Students of the Month
Anna Gamino-Garcia, Lydia Beardsley, Anthony Pizano, Zach Hilton, Angelina Goodson, Jenae Thomas
January Students of the Month
Jessica Rocha-Ramirez, Alexis Cantergiani, Raquel Gonzalez, Elisa Davis, Bethany Andrews, Ruben Estrada, Kimberly Hunter
December students of the month
Jessica Segura, Yamileth Escobedo, Travis Mitchell, Cassidy Codon, Claire Thompson
 November students of the month
English Language Arts and World Languages - Saulo Gragg
Professional Technical Education - Ashley Smith
Math - Jimmy (James) Jarrett
Health-Fitness - Porter McKee
Science - Rylie Boyce
Social Studies - Federico Arredondo Cabrera
Visual and Performing Arts - Natali Dawley
Special Education - Luis Mancio
English Language Arts and World Languages - Noelia Llanes
Career and Technical Education  - Chris Truksa
Math - Avery Hawkins
Health-Fitness -  Valancy Eickmeier
Science - Ryder Hernandez
Social Studies - Adelardo Roblero
Visual and Performing Arts - Elena Lagunas
Special Education – Yesennia Rodriguez
Science Department: Ying Yin (Lina) Zhu
Language & Arts and World Languates Department: Christopher Reyes
Special Education Department: John Dean
Visual and Performing Arts Department: Trident Mitchell
Career Technical Education Department: Adara Sanchez
Social Studies: Andrew Gilmette