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    College Fair

    Treasure Valley College Fair on Saturday, April 1st from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Boise State University. Register at Go meet and talk to over 50 different colleges!
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    Students of the Month

    Scroll down to see students of the month in the spotlight section! You can click on the "about" tab and select "student of the month" to view all our students of the month.
  • Pre-registration forms

    Please turn in your colored pre-registration form and "Plan for High School" sheets to the counseling office by Friday. Get on your Skyward and make sure you have selected all your electives for next year. If you didn't get a pre-registration packet stop by the counseling office and pick one up.
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    Josten's Seniors !

    Josten’s will be here on Thursday, April 6 th in the food court from 7:30 am until 12:15pm to pass out announcements and senior items that seniors have ordered. If you have a balance due please bring what is owed on that day. If you have not ordered your cap and gown please go to and get your cap and gown ordered graduation is right around the corner.
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Caldwell High School would like to honor the following students for their efforts both in the classroom and school community. They have been selected to represent each CHS department as the Students of the Month during the Winter of 2016-2017

Jessica Segura, Yamileth Escobedo, Travis Mitchell, Cassidy Codon, Claire Thompson
January: Jessica Rocha-Ramirez, Alexis Cantergiani, Raquel Gonzalez, Elisa Davis, Bethany Andrews, Ruben Estrada, Kimberly Hunter
February: Anna Gamino-Garcia, Lydia Beardsley, Anthony Pizano, Zach Hilton, Angelina Goodson, Jenae Thomas
To view all the students of the month, go to the "about" tab and select "Student of the Month" 
Help the CHS World Trekkers get to Italy and Greece this spring.
Congratulations to the Business Professionals of America Club
The Caldwell High BPA Club participated in the Regional Event in Nampa against most of Canyon County's High Schools. All of our participants did really well and some of the students automatically qualified in their respective events for the State Competition. The 3rd and 4th places are the runners up for the state competition if someone bows out.

Web Site Design Team- Lina Zhu and Avery Hawkins 2nd place, State Qualified
Computer Animation Team- Lorelai Stitzel and Riley Whisenhunt, 2nd place, State Qualified.
Intermediate Word Processing- Lina Zhu, 1st place, State Qualified
Java Programing- Aleea Banda- 1st place, State Qualified

Interview Skills- Lorelai Stitzel, 3rd place
Medical Office Procedures- Aleea Banda, 3rd place
Graphic Design Promotions- Leah Torres 3rd place, Ashley Smith 4th place

Officer Tony Snider  has been in law enforcement for 11 years. After sitting and watching COPS with his wife one night, he said to her, "I want to do that." He started for Canyon County Sheriff in 2005 as a deputy in the jail, then he Started with Caldwell Police in late 2010. He worked patrol for two years mainly as a traffic officer, and then he was given the opportunity to be an SRO. First he worked at Syringa for 3 and a half years as their SRO and when the opportunity for change came up he jumped at it. He came to Caldwell high with a mind set to keep our school safe and secure. He has a few ideas in getting our school in better shape -- no more just leaving messes in the cafeteria and teaching the students to be mature enough to pick up after themselves. He will be around the school not just in his office, he wants us to take pride in our school.

Caldwell High School would like to honor the following students for their efforts both in the classroom and school community. They have been selected to represent each CHS department as the November Student of the Month. 
English Language Arts and World Languages - Saulo Gragg
Professional Technical Education - Ashley Smith
Math - Jimmy (James) Jarrett
Health-Fitness - Porter McKee
Science - Rylie Boyce
Social Studies - Federico Arredondo Cabrera
Visual and Performing Arts - Natali Dawley
Special Education - Luis Mancio
Caldwell High School’s National Hispanic Scholar! Angelina was selected for recognition by the National Hispanic Recognition Program a prt of the College Board. She scored in the top 2% of Hispanic and Latino PSAT/NMSQT test takers last year. Angelina is a Senior at CHS and says she is “inspired by the fear of failure”. Along with this comes a determination to continuously excel in school and improve her chances for the future. Since entering high school, each year has been more academically challenging and she has risen to the task. In addition to earning the Hispanic Scholar honor, she has been accepted into the College of Idaho and is excited for what her future holds.
Caldwell High School would like to honor the following students for their efforts both in the classroom and school community. They have been selected to represent each CHS department as the October Student of the Month. Congratulations!
 English Language Arts and World Languages - Noelia Llanes
Career and Technical Education - Chris Truksa
Math - Avery Hawkins
Health-Fitness - Valancy Eickmeier
Science - Ryder Hernandez
Social Studies - Adelardo Roblero
Visual and Performing Arts - Elena Lagunas
Special Education – Yesennia Rodriguez
The only triditional high school in the caldwell school district
school colors: gold, white, blue
state titles: BOYS
basketball(1): 1967
baseball(1): 1983
track(1): 1933
golf(3): 1975, 1976, 1992
soccer(1): 1985
wrestling(2): 2015, 2016
state titles: GIRLS
basketball(1): 2001
golf(2): 2003, 2004
Notable graduates:
Joe Albertsons: founder of Albertson's supermarket, class of 1925.
Paul revere Dick: entreprenour and founder Paul Revere and the Raiders, class of 1956.
Mike Garman: MLB pitcher, class of 1958.
Shirle Englehorn: pro golfer, won 1970 LPGA championship, class of 1958.
Jim Johnston: NFL running back and end, class of 1935.
CHS Engineering students are partnering with NNU to develop the CubeSat. This satellite will be launched into space by NASA.
 Another highlight from the engineering program came on Monday at Ridgevu High School. The Robotics Team won the "Judge's Award" Trophy
Read about it on the CSD Website:
Market & Command Economies  (Click on the animals to hear them speak:)
(Bryon, Elin, Jayden, Alexsis, Rosie, Sergio, Sydney, and Cecilia) 
Check out these other presentations created by students in the Business Essentials class:
Ying Yin (Lina) Zhu, Christopher Reyes, John Dean, Delphia Lloyd, Gustavo Villegas, Triden Mitchell, Adara Sanchez, Andrew Gilmett
  • Science Department: Ying Yin (Lina) Zhu
  • Language & Arts and World Languates Department: Christopher Reyes
  • Special Education Department: John Dean
  • Visual and Performing Arts Department: Trident Mitchell
  • Career Technical Education Department: Adara Sanchez
  • Social Studies: Andrew Gilmette
Caldwell High School would like to honor these students for their efforts both in the classroom and school community. They have been selected to represent each CHS department as the September Student of the Month. 
At caldwell high school, we have an amazing auto program. We have the most funded auto and welding class in the treasure valley! The program is not funded by the district, but is funded through Career Technical Education. The only thing the district pays for is the textbooks (and its about time for some new ones).
Taking an automotive class as early as high school is awesome because then you can figure out if it interests you enough to make a career out of it. If you don’t want to make a career out of it, it’s still a good class to take --  because it’s good to have a basic knowledge of automotive repair, especially because they are so popular now in our society.
-written by : Makayla Moss
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