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CHS holds 22nd Annual National History Day

   Yesterday CHS held its' 22nd annual National History Day competition. The students presented their exhibits to judges from the community. The projects were the culmination of weeks of hard work, researching and writing about an historical event of their choosing, and presenting the event through the lens of this year's theme: Debate and Diplomacy.
Students were judged for historical content, thesis, analysis, and connecting their topic to the theme.
First prize was a $500 scholarship, the Second prize was a $300 scholarship, and the Third prize was a $200 scholarship. Scholarship money and funding for the poster boards and other supplies were kindly provided by the Whittenberger Foundation.
Scholarship Winners are:
$500: Julissa Hernandez Alejandre -- Memphis Riots of 1866
$300: Nait Brazyington and Joanna Sanchez -- Proposition 6
$200: Noah Noonan -- Musicians Protesting the Vietnam War
Honorable Mentions:
Paul Victoriano -- The Mexican-American War
Jessica Estrada -- Buckley-Baldwin Debates
Karla Rodriguez and Elsa Zamarippa -- The Kyoto Protocol