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Dual Credit Classes

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See below for information on how to transfer credits to the college you attend:
CHS Course College/Credit College Course Name College Course Number Teacher 
Anatomy & Physiology for Health Professions CWI/4&4 Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II BIO 227/L & BIO 228/L Burfeind
Biology/Biology Lab 220 NNU/3+1 General Biology 1 & Lab BIO/BIOL2220 Green
Political Philosophy NNU/3 American National Politics POLS 1010 Hauge
English 101 CWI/3 English 101 ENGL 101 Morgan
English 175 CWI/3 Intro to Literary Genres ENGL 175 Morgan
Pre-Calculus CWI/5 College Algebra & Trigonometry MATH 147 Johnson
Chemistry BSU/4 Essentials of Chemistry CHEM 101 Kendall
NNU/3 Intro to Engineering ENGR 1010 Zattiero
Computer Aided Drafting NNU/3 Engineering Graphics and Design ENGR 1050 Zattiero
Spanish III BSU/4&4 Elementary Spanish I & II SPAN 101 & 102  Vega
Spanish IV BSU/4 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 201
Spanish/Native Speakers BSU/4 Intermediate Spanish for the Native or Near-Native Speaker SPAN 202 Vega
Wealth Management TVCC/3 Personal Finance BA 218 Schneiderman
Principles of Business Management TVCC/4 Intro to Business BA 101 Schneiderman
AP U.S. History CWI/3&3 US History I & II HIST 112 & 111 Wurtz
For full descriptions of each Dual Credit class go to our Course Catalog tab

How Dual Credits transfer:


Below you will find links to the course equivalency, for the dual credit classes, for Boise State, University of Idaho, and Idaho State University.  You will also find the links to the Idaho Course Transfer guide and the current transfer guide for BYU.  For any other school please check on their website or with their admissions office for their course equivalency.

Boise State University

Idaho State University

University of Idaho

Click here for the Idaho Course Transfer guide.   The Course Transfer Guide will help students navigate transfer of credits across Idaho institutions

Click here to access the current transfer guide for BYU.



**Most courses taken for dual credit will transfer seamlessly to other Idaho institutions, however this is ultimately at the discretion of the receiving institution. More information on transfer-ability between Idaho institutions can be found on the Idaho Course Transfer website. Idaho institutions have General Education Matriculation (GEM) stamped courses that tend to transfer most flexibly. If a student isn’t particularly sure which major they hope to pursue, GEM stamped courses are highly recommended.

If a student plans to attend a private or out of state school, it is advised to contact the final school to ask how Idaho post-secondary credits will be accepted. Each institution will have transfer guides and articulation agreements that can assist with this.

Contact Info to get Credits Transferred to your College
Credit FROM Website:
Northwest Nazarene University (NNU)    $15/Each
Political Philosophy POLS1010 Phone Number: (208) 467-8548
French II FREN 1010   Contact us at [email protected]
French III FREN 1020 Mail your request to: Northwest Nazarene University
Robotics Engineering ENGR 1010   Office of the Registrar
Computer Aided Drafting ENGR 1050   623 S. University Blvd.
Speech & Debate COMM 1210   Nampa, ID 83686-5897
Speech & Debate COMM 2120    
Credit FROM Website:
College of Western Idaho (CWI)    Electronic - $5/each (other prices vary see here:
English 101 ENGL 101 Phone Number: (208) 562-3000
Pre-Calculus MATH 147    
     (2019) ENGL 175 
Math in Modern Society   MATH 123
College Algebra    MATH 143
Email: [email protected]
Credit FROM Website:
University of Idaho (U of I)    $12.50 each 
  (2018) English 175 ENGL 175 Phone Number: (208) 885-6731
  Email: [email protected]
Credit FROM Website:
Boise State University (BSU)    $10 for Mail or $11 Electronic
Need your myBoiseState account info Phone Number: (208) 426-4249
AP Statistics MATH 254    
Chemistry CHEM 101
Human Anatomy & Phys.   BIO 107
Email: [email protected]
Spanish III SPAN 101 & 201  
Spanish IV SPAN 201     
Spanish/Native Speakers SPAN 203
  1. Log in to your myBoiseState account,
  2. select Student View (or select Student at the top of the page),
  3. select Student Center in the right sidebar,
  4. in your Student Center, select My Academics, and
  5. then select Request Official Transcripts
Credit FROM Website:
Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC)    
Wealth Management BA 218 Phone Number: (541) 881-5804
Principles of Business Management   BA 101
HSB Principals of Marketing   BA 223