CaldwellHigh School

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Freshman 0-10
Sophomore 11-21
Junior 22-33
Senior 34
46 Credits to graduate- ARE YOU ON TRACK FOR GRADUATION?
Check your Skyward- Talk to your Counselor!

See Something, Say Something

We want to encourage all students to "say" something if they "see" something. This link will allow students to file an incident report if they see or encounter things like bullying, threats, etc.'

CHS Saftey

We care about your safety. For this reason, CHS is a closed campus. You cannot leave for lunch or at other times during the school day. You may only leave campus during the day with parent permission or for a school excused activity.You cannot go out to the parking lot to a vehicle after the school day has begun. If you need to get something you will need to let the office know why and get permission.
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