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Jaden Sherman
Jaden Sherman Designs new Weld-Tester
The new Weld-tester at CHS is a result of a great need for our Caldwell High School students. The original, very heavy weld tester, came from ISU in Pocatello.  In order for the Weld tester to be duplicated, CAD (Computer Automated Drafting) plans needed to be designed. Jayden Sherman, a talented, dedicated senior, led this project and with copious hours devoted, he was able to measure, draw and develop this highly detailed blueprint.
The finalized blueprints for the Weld-tester were sent out to all of the welding programs in the State of Idaho. 
 Having a Weld tester available to CHS Welding students provides a plethora of welding certification opportunities.
Great Job Jade, and Thank You!
Congratulations to these Drafting Students for passing the CSWA (Certified Solidworks Associate) certification exam
This is a very challenging industry certification exam (3-hour hands-on test). These students are all but guaranteed to get job interviews if they wanted to start working in industry now (at $15-20/hr starting out) with local employers. Please congratulate them on this accomplishment.
Kelsey Ferro
Jayden Sherman
Tyler Brumfield
Luis Estrada-Sotelo
James (Max) Born
One more notable item.....  Jayden Sherman scored an almost unheard of
perfect 100% on the exam!