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Graduating seniors

GRADUATING SENIORS!!!! It is time to pick the Senior Speaker for Graduation. If you would like to apply, please come to the Counseling office to pick up the application. This is a 3 to 5 minute speech to be given during the Graduation Ceremony at the Idaho Center. Due March 18, 2019.
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Tennis tryouts

Tennis tryouts will more than likely be inside on Friday. Please check outside room 411 before the end of the day on Friday, February 22nd to confirm. If practice is going to be inside, please meet in room 411 right after school and plan to be here for at least an hour.
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Attention all softball players

Attention Softball Players: Stay tuned for information regarding tryouts. You need to be prepared for inside and outside — this means bring indoor, gym shoes, and gym attire AND outside WARM clothing. Yoga pants and/or leggings are not allowed. Please dress warm. If the field is ready, we WILL be outside and there is a very good possibility it will be cold. Please be prepared for either!
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Spanish CLEP

LAST CALL FOR STUDENTS INTERESTED IN TAKING THE SPANISH CLEP! Please speak with either Mrs. Vega (room 215), Mr. Valero (room 141), or Mr. Nelson (counseling office) TODAY! Remember, by taking this test in Spanish you can earn college credits! We can still walk you through the steps, but HURRY!
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National FFA week

This week is NATIONAL FFA WEEK! Students from around the nation will be celebrating FFA and agriculture! We will have some fun activities for all of you throughout the week:
Tuesday: All members wear your FFA jacket to show support and kick off FFA week
Wednesday: Wear a hat to school! Pay a dollar as you walk into school and wear your hat for the day!
Thursday: We will have cornhole during lunch on the back patio!
Friday: We will announce our trivia winners at the end of the day!
Throughout the week we will be doing trivia during lunch.
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Can food drive

You've heard of can food dives, right? Well, we have a can drive coming up.. but with a twist. We are asking for empty cans! These will be recycled in the cafeteria and all funds raised will be donated to Red Cross. The Reverse Can Drive will start March 4th and will run until the 8th. So start collecting those cans and bring them in.
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CHS Expo March 4

On Monday March 4th from 6 pm - 8 pm, we will be hosting this exciting new event in the cafeteria. This will be a time that all clubs, courses, programs, and teams will be able to showcase their activity and recruit students for the coming year. We invite current CHS students and parents as well as all 8th grade students and their parents to attend.
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