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Visible Learning

Teachers and students at CHS have a growth Mindset:
The teachers and staff at Caldwell High School strive to exemplify a growth mindset and do their best each day to teach it to their students. Statements like, "I don't know", "I can't do it", or even, "I already know everything," are not acceptable. We encourage our students to change these phrases to, "I can't do it YET," and "What more can I do to improve." We believe that you need to change your words in order to change your mind.
Teachers and students at CHS Know how to think Meta-cognitively: 
At Caldwell High School we want students to take ownership in their own learning. We want them to be able to reflect on their own learning and identify areas in which they can improve. 

Teachers and students at CHS are Confident: 
We believe that we can all make a difference. We need be a change-agent and actively work to lift those around us.

Ask your students if they are in the pit and what they are doing to get out. Do they have a growth mindset to do what it takes to get out?