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The competitive robotics class at CHS is one of the most awesome classes but, not many students are aware that we have a competitive robotics program. In this class students learn about the engineering design process, programming, and building the actual robot. To achieve this, the class is divided into teams, and each team builds a robot. These robots compete playing a game. Each year the game changes to something different, this makes the teams have to build a robot specifically for this game. This is a great class to take because robots are becoming more and more important in jobs as well as our daily lives.



The Robotics Team recently won the "Judge's Award" Trophy at Ridgevu High School.


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Our Engineering program also offers other classes you may be interested in. Check out this recent news story about CHS Engineering:


CHS Engineering students are partnering with NNU to develop the CubeSat. This satellite will be launched into space by NASA.