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FHLA (Future Hispanic Leaders of America)

About FHLA: 
FHLA is a program offered at CHS that is looking to:
  • Reduce the drop-out rate by developing a support system that would enable students to continue their education
  • Stimulate Hispanics to become more involved in school activities
  • Promote Hispanic culture by sharing and expanding our traditions
  • Participate in activities that will benefit our development as leaders and The community in general
  • Unite Hispanic students, and all interested individuals
  • Motivate Hispanic students to reach their maximum potential and achieve all their goals in life
FHLA meets every Tuesday, in either the upstairs Lecture Hall, or the Teacher's lounge. Meetings start at 3:07 p.m. If you have any questions, you can e-mail Mr. Betancourt at [email protected], or go to room 211 after school. You can also check out the FHLA website.